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We stand on the doorstep of unimaginable change during what is labeled as the fourth industrial revolution. You could say that we stand in a spot similar to what our fellow workers faced more than 200 years ago when Joseph-Marie Jacquard invented the mechanical loom. Operating the Jacquard loom, one person could suddenly do the work of many weavers causing a disruption in the textile industry.

Today, we may not be facing mechanical looms, but we stand in front of something equally disruptive with the rapid growth of cognified technology in the workplace. The data is there to back it up. The World Economic Forum predicts that 35% of the skills required for jobs today will change by 2030. And IBM found in a recent study that 40% of us will have to reskill within the next three years to stay relevant on the job market.

On that cheery note, join Klaus for PMI Canadian West Coast Chapter’s monthly event. Together, we will briefly brush up on the history of industrial revolutions, and how people have responded to the drastic workplace changes. From there, we spend the rest of the time exploring what impact the current (fourth) industrial revolution will likely have on us as individuals, as members of agile teams, and overall, on our organization. Of course, we don’t stop there. Throughout our joint exploration, we uncover key skills needed to stay agile and be better prepared for tomorrow’s workplace. You will walk away with three concrete skills to increase your own agility:

  • Developing a growth mindset to more quickly acquire new skills to stay relevant.
  • Becoming more emotional intelligence to stay even-keeled despite tumultuous change.
  • Being more resilient allowing you to come out stronger from the difficult changes you face.

Come prepared to learn and participate. This presentation is both engaging and rewarding.



Klaus Boedker is a seasoned agile coach and trainer with 13 years of experience guiding organizational transformation, helping teams and individuals improve, and designing training that more than a quarter of a million people have taken globally.


Today, he runs a coaching & training company called Inner Agility Academy. Through modern training and coaching, they equip people with the skills needed to navigate the ever-increasing influence of artificial intelligence to stay relevant and get ahead in the workplace.


When not working, Klaus enjoys taking the family dog for hikes in the local mountains and mixing perfect Negronis. He lives in Vancouver on Canada’s beautiful west coast.

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  • Vancouver: July 17th Wednesday at 6:00 PM (PST)


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