General Questions

I recently registered at PMI Global and to be a member of CWCC. When I tried logging into the CWCC website I wasn’t able to get in. Any explanations why?

It takes up to 5 business days for PMI to process your new member account and to sync with our server. If after a week you are not able to log into our website please contact our Webmaster.

Need Information on a PMI certification: PMP, CAPM and ACP?

Please visit the Career Development section for details, if you still have questions please contact the VP Education, Mehran Jamshidi

How do I become a Project Management Institute (PMI) member?

Visit the PMI Global - Membership page and follow the instructions once you click on 'Join Now'.

When are Board elections conducted and how to nominate someone?

Refer to the Nomination and Election of Directors section of this website for further information.

How do I receive updates from the Chapter on upcoming events?

PMI CWCC Chapter members are automatically added to the mailing list for our eBlasts, in order to receive regular event notifications from the Chapter. For more information please visit our eBlast page.

My email address has changed. Who do I notify?

PMI CWCC does not maintain a list of Chapter member contact details. Instead, we rely on the information you provide to PMI. The process to update this information is simple and is as follows:

  • Log into your PMI member’s account
  • Update your out of date personal information
  • At the end of the day, PMI CWCC will automatically receive the updates from PMI
How to become a member of PMI CWCC?

You must be a PMI member. You can add your PMI CWCC membership to your PMI membership when you first join PMI, when you renew your annual PMI membership, or:

  • Log into your PMI member’s account at any time
  • Navigate through the list of Chapters until you locate the PMI CWCC
  • Select join
What currencies are accepted as payment?

We accept payment in USD and CDN

Volunteering with CWCC

How do I volunteer with CWCC?

Please visit our Volunteer Opportunities page for more details.

Claiming PDUs

Do PDUs have to be claimed by the hour? I was at an event for 2 hours and 15 minutes, do I round it off to the nearest hour?

PDUs can be submitted by the 1/4 hour in 0.25 increments. 2 hours and 15 minutes would be 2.25 hours.

I just attended a Chapter event this evening and would like to claim the PDUs right after, is the event information already on the PMI website?

Yes, the event will already be listed for you to claim through the Continuing Certification Requirements Centre.

I attended a 5-day PMP preparation course, can I claim those PDUs now that I have passed the exam?

No, you can not claim any PDUs until you have earned the PMP designation. PMI has indicated when your designated 3 year period begins and when you can officially begin to earn and claim PDUs.

I participated in the mentorship program but can't find the code to claim PDUs? I don't see the number listed on the site.

You will need to contact the Director of Professional Development, Peggy Ah Yong

I'm trying to claim PDUs for an event I attended but I don't have the activity number, where do I find this information?

All event information is found on the CWCC site under Past Events.

I just attended a monthly chapter event, how do I claim the PDUs? How many PDUs can I claim?

Go to:  Continuing Certification Requirements System

  • Log in on the top right hand corner. Once you are logged in, center of the page about 1/3 of the way down to the left, click on 'Report PDU'
  • PDU Category: Choose A
  • PDU Activity Type: Choose Find an Activity
  • Then go to NEXT (if a pop up comes up, ensure you choose Yes to continue each time)
  • Enter in Activity Number: ie. PG-06-2011
  • Select the activity by clicking on the blue highlighted activity number
  • Fill out the date - start date and finish date will be the same and complete the evaluation
  • The default is set to 3 PDUs. If you were at the event for the entire time then leave the default. If not, each hour = 1 PDU and increments of 0.25 are allowed.
  • Last step, please ensure you check the box that reads, 'I agree this claim is accurate' before you submit


What have past participants thought of this program?

We survey mentors and protégés throughout every stage of the mentorship intake. In each intake, an average of over 90% of respondents report that they are very satisfied with the results and benefits received from this program.

We have seen former protégés who participate again as mentors as well as mentors who return for subsequent sessions.

Do I have to continue the mentorship relationship after the program ends?

That decision is entirely between you and your mentorship partner. Many pairs have reported that their mentorship experience continues past the official program end date. Pairs can choose to officially extend their pairing into the next intake, to earn extra PDUs. Others don't necessarily have mentorship meetings after the program but remain in regular contact in case issues crop up. Do what feels right for you and your partner.

Do you take geographic locality into account during the matching process?

The Mentorship team does not take geographic location into account when we produce the final pairings. Here's why:

During the Matching Workshop, the conversations you may have with each potential partner should give you a good idea whether you can see yourself paired with that person or not.  We assume that the partner shortlists you submit to us after meeting everyone is therefore made inclusive of any geographic considerations.
If geography is a very important criterion for you, it must be discussed with every single potential partner you consider working with. You have at least 10 minutes with each partner, so we hope that will help you decide.

Will I get paired with someone I don't want to work with?

After the Matching Workshop, you will submit a preferred partner shortlist in which you are asked to rank your top 5. These are the people that we will try our best to match to you assuming they agree to partner with you as well.

You are also asked to list any and all persons that you do not want to be paired with. Under no circumstances we would match you with any people you list here.

Anyone else not mentioned in these two categories will be assumed to be 'okay' matches (in other words, we assume you wouldn't mind partnering with them if your top 5 were not available).

If I am accepted into the Mentorship Program, am I guaranteed a pairing?

While chances are very high that you may find a partner whom you can work with, the pairing is hard to guarantee. Factors such as geography, scarcity of available mentors, scoring results during the ranking process, and schedule conflicts may mean that you may not find a partner suitable for you during the Matching Workshop.

Should this turn out to be the case for you, rest assured that you will be placed high on the wait list for the following intake of the Mentorship Program.

I applied to be a protégé for the next intake but was not accepted. I'm still interested in the Mentorship Program. What do I do now?

Your name will be automatically prioritized on the waitlist for the following intake. If you know a PMP-certified chapter member whom you feel would make a great mentor, you could recommend the program to those colleagues. It will improve your chances (and others) of getting paired in subsequent intakes.

I submitted my application for the next intake of the Mentorship Program. When will I get a notification about my acceptance?

Accepted participants will typically be notified at least 1 week prior to the Matching Workshop. It is important to attend the Matching Workshop in case you are accepted into the program.

The number of mentor volunteers (and the number of protégés each agrees to take on in a single intake) greatly influences the number of protégés that can be accepted into that intake.

How many PDUs could I earn through the Mentorship Program?

You could earn up to 6 PDUs for attending Mentorship meetings and up to 15 (Category 3) PDUs for spending at least 16 hours in dedicated mentor-protégé sessions. For a full account of PDUs available, read the Mentorship Program Overview.

What kind of time commitment is required to participate in the Mentorship Program?

The chapter offers multiple intakes each year, with each session lasting approximately 3 to 4 months. During this time, participants are required to attend the mandatory 2-hour matching workshop in the first month plus meet the time commitment required by the individual mentorship partners (as determined by the partner themselves).

Previous mentorship pairs reported a typical meeting schedule at least 2 hours every 2 weeks, with email or phone correspondence in between. Some met for a few hours on a monthly basis. Mentor alumni have recommended meeting as often as it is useful for the protégé and as is feasible for both parties.

Prep Courses

Where can the PMP Certification Exam be taken?

Please visit for information about test scheduels, locations, and more. Please note that PMP certification exams are administered by Prometric, a partner company of PMI. Each PMP certification candidate must organize and pay for their own certification exam.

How can I check if I meet the criteria needed to sit the PMP certification exam?

To check your eligibility to sit the PMP Certificate exam check here