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On behalf of the Membership Portfolio, we welcome everyone to our PMI Canadian West Coast Chapter (PMI CWCC). PMI CWCC focuses on helping our members develop professional advancement through education, training, community involvement, mentorship, and leadership, while maintaining the core values of PMI.
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Step 1: Become a Chapter Member

As a member of our chapter you will enjoy many benefits including events discounts, exclusive certification courses, volunteer and job opportunities, and connecting with professionals. To access these benefits please sign-up as a member.

Step 2: New Member Orientation

We hold regular New Members Orientation to help our members familiarize with the Chapter. This is an opportunity for new members to network with other members of our community.

Many members will agree that they came to know about membership benefits much later because they did not attend the orientation. As we all know that a job well begun is half done, we encourage you to attend the new member orientation to get the most out of your PMI CWCC membership. Read our e-newsletter, a.k.a. eBlast, to know about the next orientation. To get notified, please sign-up for eBlast as detailed below.

Step 3: Sign up for eBlast

eBlast is the newsletter you will receive in your registered email once every week. The eBlast presents the upcoming events and relevant information in a condensed format with links to more details that you can click to explore. To stay connected with us thru eBlast, scroll down to the footer of this page and enter your information.