Mentoring can be a powerful tool for personal and professional development and is a valuable way for individuals to connect with others to develop their knowledge and skills.

The program’s main objectives are: 

  • Professional and/or personal development of Protégés and Mentors
  • To develop a basis for professional planning 
  • Increased communication with professionals who have worked through similar challenges 
  • Promotion and fostering of a continuous training and development culture 

The PMI CWCC Mentoring Program pairs junior project managers (Protégés) with senior project managers (Mentors) in a six-month-long engagement, to work on strategic, growth-oriented challenges in the Protégés career. 

This program provides objective- and milestone-based coaching with the goal of maximizing the results of Protégé efforts. Our Mentors are well-established professionals with years of experience in their fields, particularly project management.

Applications will open from June 16th till June 30th for the Summer 2023 Mentorship Program cohort.
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We would like to take the opportunity to thank Procom for sponsoring the program by offering a venue to host our mentorship events throughout the year, in addition to catering, logistic support, and career support to participants.