Projects are increasingly used in the delivery of strategic and tactical business objectives. The use of projects has extended beyond its traditional home of engineering and construction to Information Systems Development, Organizational Transformation and non-profit service delivery. This broadening of project management field has led to challenges and innovation transforming the practice of project management in many ways.

Project managers tend to be busy professionals always pressed for time that leave little or no room for exploratory activities. While this focus is necessary for execution, it can risk the benefit of many new exciting and useful developments being piloted by researchers and practitioners both close to home and in other corners of the globe.

The project management research and practice fields are highly active, innovative and dynamic, but diverse.   Project managers may feel overwhelmed to find the latest research and practice guidance on topics such as megaproject management and next generation approaches to project organizing while themselves working on challenging projects. The Canadian West Coast Chapter’s “Messages to and from Research” aims to bridge this gap between practitioners who are hungry for new innovative and practical approaches to resolve project dilemmas and the global community of project researchers working at the cutting edge of project management approaches, tools and techniques.

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Messages to research

There are many opportunities for you to inform researchers and shape the project management profession. Participate by sharing your thoughts, experiences and opinions of project management with top class researchers in the field.

We hold dinner lectures a few times a year on the latest and greatest new research in project management.

We post links to researchers’ surveys for you to participate. This participation takes your voice to the global discussion, debates and development of project management field and ensures a Canadian West Coast flavor is added the project management practice!

We welcome submissions from our members and from researchers in topics of interest for our upcoming “What’s new in PM“ newsletter. (Contact VP Education, Eamonn O Laocha for details).

We post links to the most active research centers and universities so that you can link and interact with scholars whose work is most interesting and useful to you. 

Below are links to some of these prominent researchers.

NOTICE: If you are an active project researcher or know someone who would like to have a research listed here please contact VP Education, Mehran Jamshidi.