What It Is

What It Isn't


  • 2 people collaborating around protégé's:
    • Career goals
    • Professional development goals
    • PM "challenges" at work
  • Contributing to individual growth
  • A networking opportunity
  • Not a way to prepare for your PMP exam
  • Not a counselling for family, work performance, personal conflicts
  • Not tutoring / teaching
  • Not a way to get a job reference
  • Not a counselling for a new job
  • Not a constant "gripe" session
  • Not a "quick fix"

Potential Benefits

For Protégés

For Mentors


  • Faster career growth
  • Faster growth in PM profession
  • Success with immediate PM "challenges" Network with more experienced PMs
  • If you are PMP certified, you may earn up to 20 PDU’s
  • A way to "give back"
  • Sharpen one's mentoring skills
  • Strengthen leadership and coaching skills
  • Potentially earn up to 20 PDUs





  • Any current PMI CWCC member in good standing
  • Willingness to "collaborate" in the process and commit a minimum of 4 contacts hours a month
  • Must attend protégé and mentor matching workshop
  • Any current PMI CWCC member in good standing
  • Senior PM – minimum 5 years PM experience
  • Prior 1-1 mentoring experience (desirable, but not required)
  • Willing to share ideas, concepts, and knowledge approximately 4-8 hours a month
  • Must attend protégé and mentor matching workshop



Critical Success Factors


  • Confidentiality
  • Content / issues appropriate for dialogues
  • Topics suitable for projects
  • Respectful frankness, not "brutal" honesty
  • Fill out and submit minutes of your meetings with mentors
  • Mentor's knowledge and 1-1 skills
  • Protégé's motivation and readiness
    • Mutual commitments to:
    • Maintain scheduled sessions
    • Select relevant topics
      • Pursue meaningful activities


When & How Long

Commitment Needed

  • Minimum three months in duration
  • Meet once or twice a month  
  • Time:
    • Flexible based on protégé and mentor schedule. 
    • Typically 2 to 4 hours per month
  • Maximum of 15 contact hours to complete program over 6 month period
    • Effort: consistent commitment to process

Mentoring Activities

  • Clarify career goals and paths
  • Review requirements, proficiencies, credentials
  • Discuss selected readings, research
  • Discuss professional development projects
  • Recommend workshops, seminars
  • Analyze interpersonal & group dynamics
  • Assess ideas & beliefs
  • Critique of career/professional progress
  • Reflect on personal values, job satisfaction, and career choices
  • Provide feedback on current competencies