Meet the Team

May 2020

Featured Volunteer

Charles Chen - Manager, Technology and Operations

As a volunteer, Charles has held a variety of positions at CWCC over the years. Currently, he serves CWCC as our Manager of Technology and Operations. Providing back office technology support to CWCC is critical in ensuring that everyone at CWCC can communicate, collaborate and support each other.

Charles and CWCC

Charles has been one of those volunteers that is always working in the background to ensure the board and other volunteers at CWCC get access to core operational and technology services in a timely manner. The last few months have seen a lot of changes at CWCC, with a new board, new volunteers and moving to online methods of delivering CWCC services. Charles has been very responsive to requests related to setting, modifying and deleting user accounts. Furthermore, he has spent time on learning new tools such as Microsoft Teams to enable capabilities to deliver virtual events. We are very grateful to Charles for his contribution to CWCC. Keep up the good work!