Meet the Team

July 2020

Featured Volunteer

Daisy Hui Volunteer Engagement Lead, Region 1 Project Manager

As a volunteer, Daisy has held a variety of positions at CWCC over the years. Currently, she serves CWCC as our Volunteer Engagement Lead, Region 1 Project Manager.

Daisy and CWCC

Daisy has been an active volunteer at CWCC since Nov 2017. She started working in the Marketing team as a Web Content Manager and then the e-blast Director. She is very organized and detail-oriented. In 2019, she took on the role of Project Manager for Region 1 Conference, which was scheduled to happen in April 2020. Since the conference is on hold now because of the pandemic, she directed her energy to contribute in other ways to the chapter, by shifting to the Volunteer Engagement Lead positon in the Volunteers portfolio. During the 3 months into this new role, she has implemented the initiative of using VRMS for new volunteer recruiting. She is working with current volunteers to create their VRMS profiles, and finish updating the 2020 volunteer directory.

Professionally, she is a Business Analyst in a Telecommunications company working on TV apps projects, she is CAPM certified and is working her way to PMP. Outside of work, she has a variety of hobbies, she enjoys working out, reading and listening to music. She is also improving her public speaking skills in a Toastmasters Club. Feel free to connect with her if you want to join her.

As the city is opening up, she is looking forward to go biking in Stanley Park.