What is WAP?

The WAP (Wider Access Program) is offered since 2014 with the partnership of SFU CEC (http://cec.sfu.ca ) combined with our Canadian West Coast Chapter’s Jobseekers program to deliver cost free PMP prep courses for over 80 job-seeking community members. WAP continues to expand course offerings and locations within mainland BC with the goal of easy access to communities and increase attendance to project management educational classes.

Why are we offering WAP?

Many within our communities and society still struggle to gain access to project educational services due to factors including finance and geographic location. The Wider Access Program (WAP) explores ways in which the Canadian West Coast Chapter can meet the educational needs of those who do not have access to standard project management courses.

How could you help?

WAP endures to build partnerships with other non-profit organizations and community groups to pursue our mission to increase the reach of project management courses into poorly served communities in order to widen the community of actively engaged project management professionals BC wide. We would be delighted to hear from you, if you want to join hands with us to further extend WAP to communities that are currently inaccessible to this benefit!

Who to contact?

About WAP, contact
Edoye Porbeni, Director of Wider Access Programs

About education programs, contact
VP Education, Mehran Jamshidi

Please note that the Canadian West Coast Chapter is not authorized to issue T2202A tax forms to course attendees. Our GST Number:  87786 0007 RT0001