Why Volunteer for CWCC?

PMI is a membership-driven organization, so your contribution make the most out of the Chapter. Through volunteering you can meet project management professionals, gain experience and even have fun!




Have input into Chapter priorities and operations, gain experience within a desired area of expertise, senior volunteers with demonstrated commitment may attend PMI Leadership conferences, earn Professional Development Units (PDU), access volunteer-only events and more!


Certain roles require specific specified qualifications. Beyond these you must be a member in good standing of PMI and the Chapter and sign a Volunteer Contact Form which, in addition to other things, extends coverage for you under our insurance policy.

September, 2023

Featured Volunteer

Mobolaji Ajewole Manager, Membership Engagement & i3 Conference Copywriter

Mobolaji shines as one of the driving forces behind our chapter's success. With a her dedication to our chapter's goals, she not only leads but also inspires a team of seven in welcoming new members, fostering connections within the CWCC community, and crafting compelling copy for all our membership led events and the prestigious upcoming PMWest 2023 i3 conference. What truly sets her apart is her innovative pioneering spirit. She leads the way as the torchbearer of our inaugural Membership Engagement Team, a visionary initiative aimed at fortifying our chapter's retention, nurturing its growth, and cultivating a sense of belonging within our community. With her unwavering commitment, she ensures that our chapter members' voices are not just heard but actioned and celebrated. Her passion for our chapter is part of the heartbeat of CWCC, and her contributions are the impactful of our success. Thank you Mobolaji for your outstanding dedication and invaluable impact on our chapter.

Mobolaji and CWCC

Mobolaji holds a Master's degree in Communications and Media Studies and is actively pursuing an MBA at the University of Canada West. She possess a versatile skill set encompassing analytical thinking, creative insight, and boundless energy she's well-equipped to tackle challenges from many angles.

She is a strategic communication specialist with a keen interest in the impact of organizational communication on change management within today's dynamic work environment. Her expertise lies in understanding how effective communication can ease transitions, reduce resistance, and enhance employee satisfaction, giving companies a competitive edge in a constantly evolving landscape.

Beyond her professional pursuits, Mobolaji finds solace in music, culinary exploration, and immersing herself in diverse cultures. She also dedicates time to volunteer work, showcasing her well-rounded approach to life and her commitment to making a positive impact.