PM WEST 2019


The Fairmont Pacific Rim, Vancouver, BC October 22 and 23, 2019


Her Honour, The Honourable Janet Austin

Lieutenant Governor of British Columbia

The Honourable Janet Austin was sworn-in as the 30th Lieutenant Governor of British Columbia on April 24, 2018. Prior to this appointment, she spent 15 years as Chief Executive Officer of YWCA Metro Vancouver, one of the province’s largest and most diversified non-profits.

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Power and Politics in Projects

How do we prepare project managers for the political reality of projects through soft-skills, such as leadership, change management, and communication? What approaches to power and politics work best in our many different project environments? What do Project Managers need to know about power and politics to get work done and to survive professionally? Our speakers will provide their lessons learned and real life case studies.


Projects Changing Lives

Projects have shaped the world around us, from major infrastructure projects that build our towns, cities and countries, through to the social project initiatives that impact individuals’ lives. Our speakers share their experiences in projects that have transformed our world.


Projects Changing How We Work

The numerous ways in which the project approach to the management and planning of human activities includes innovations such a public private partnerships, hybrid and temporary special purpose organizations, and the “gig” (or project) based economy. Much of our work lives revolve around project-based activities. The power of projects in the re-organizing of how we live has been both profound and under-stated – it has just become how we do things! Our speakers share their experiences in this new work reality and how the opportunities were embraced and the challenges were overcome.


Skills Development and Workshops

This year we have special workshops that run 1-2 hours long. Need to dust up your skills in negotiation or practice techniques in public speaking for your next big presentation? We have two days of workshops geared for the project manager.

PMWest is a great networking opportunity for experienced project managers to meet organizations like yours. We hosted a Career Fair with 21 organizations with no space to spare.

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