Application and Acceptance

Intakes will be announced in the chapter newsletter months before the matching workshop. Interested participants are highly encouraged to attend the mentorship information session and review the program details and FAQs within these pages. Apply to the program by contacting You will receive email confirmation from the mentorship team if you have been accepted for an intake.


Program participants are required to complete a profile (30-60 minutes). This profile allows participants to reflect on their goals, expectations, and partnership criteria. The information submitted will be used by potential pairings prior to the matching workshop.

Matching workshop

Participants gather for 2-3 hours to spend 5-10 minutes apiece with prospective mentorship partners. Profile information will be made available in the form of participant bios and printed worksheets containing your prepared goals, expectations, and partnership criteria (profiles completed in pre-work).

Since this is the only chance to meet other program participants, attendance of the matching workshop is critical. Date and location of the workshop will be announced before applications are accepted. Individuals unable to attend may be given opportunities to touch base with particpants who were not paired.

Ranking and pairing

Each participant submits a shortlist of preferred partners and "do not match" selections to the mentorship team within 2 days of the matching workshop. Participants will be matched as best as possible to their selected preferences. Individuals listed in "do not match" will never be paired with you. Pairings will be announced shortly after the matching workshop.

Mentorship meetings

Once pairs are announced, the mentor and protégé shall communicate directly with each other to establish a suitable meeting schedule and mentorship agenda. The mentorship team will communicate with all active pairs during the course of the offical mentorship period (feedback sessions, informal socials, etc).

Mentors and protégés may choose to extend the duration of their mentorship period beyond the official 6 months by joining a subsequent intake. This is an absolutely wonderful program to acquire great knowledge from Senior Project Managers as well as to give back to our profession. You will enjoy it!

 For further info, please contact: