2022 Events

Wed Oct 26

What If We Stopped Solving Problems? - Speaker: Bill Scott

(Activity #: PG-10-2022, 2 PDU)

Wed Sep 18

Mission to Ukraine: A Project in a War Zone - Speaker: Milos Pospisil

(Activity #: PG-09-2022, 2 PDU)

Wed Aug 17

Powering the Future of Work through Projects - Speaker: LuAnn Piccard, PMP

(Activity #: PG-08-2022, 2 PDU)

Wed Jun 22 

Highway 29 re-alignment: The Largest Highway Project You’ve Never Heard of - Speaker: Matt Drown

(Activity #: PG-06-2022, 2 PDU)

Wed April 20

Your leadership superpowers and the saboteurs that get in your way - Speaker: Mike Knapp

(Activity #: PG-04-2022, 2 PDU)


2021 Events

Wed Nov 17

From Wagile to Agile: Making a Successful Shift to Agile using Change Management - Speaker: Mumtaz Chaudhary

(Activity #: PG-11-2021, 2 PDU)



2020 Events

Wed Feb 19 

Pushing Past Impossible: Excelling in Impossible Projects - Speaker: Paul Pelletier

(Activity #: PG-02-2020, 2 PDU)

Wed Jan 22

Disciplined Agile: A Lean-Agile toolkit to optimize your way of working (WoW) - Speaker: Klaus Boedker

(Activity #: PG-01-2020, 2 PDU)

2019 Events

Wed Nov 20


Wed Sep 18

"Cyber Safety Culture: How Project Managers Can Make it Happen & Why Technology is Not Enough"(Activity #: PG-09-2019, 2 PDU) 

Wed Aug 21

"Change Management – The Undercover Role of a Project Manager"(Activity #: PG-08-2019, 2 PDU) 

Wed June 26

"Cyber Safety Culture: How Project Managers Can Make it Happen & Why Technology is Not Enough"(Activity #: PG-06-2019, 2 PDU) 

Wed May 22

"Human First: Learning, Leading & Creating"(Activity #: PG-05-2019, 2 PDU) 

Fri Apr 26

"40th Anniversary - Gala Event"

Wed Mar 27

"There’s no project managers in agile! What do I do now?"(Activity #: PG-03-2019, 2 PDU) 

Wed Feb 20

"The Age of Engage"(Activity #: PG-02-2019, 2 PDU) 

Wed Jan 23

"The Neuroscience of Effective Leadership: Take responsibility for your impact results and reputation as a leader!"(Activity #: PG-01-2019, 2 PDU) 

2018 Events

Wed Nov 28

"Create lasting, positive behaviour change & plan for stress to stay in your high performance zones"(Activity #: PG-11-2018, 2 PDU)

Wed Sep 19

"Power, politics and projects: what PMs need to know"(Activity #: PG-09-2018, 2 PDU)

Wed Aug 22

“Great Service = Greater Project Success” (Activity #: PG-08-2018, 2 PDU)

Wed Jul 18

Recruit, Retain and Successfully Lead a Multicultural Workforce (Activity #: PG-07-2018, 2 PDU)

Wed Jun 20

The Future of Project Success – Using Today’s Knowledge (Activity #: PG-06-2018, 2 PDU)

Wed May 23

Effective Contexts for Promoting Opportunities with One Outcome – SUCCESS (Analogy between project's and stakeholder's success) (Activity #: PG-05-2018, 2 PDU)

Wed Apr 18

Understanding the Emerging Trend and Role of Social Procurement in Supply Chain and Infrastructure Projects (Activity #: PG-04-2018, 2 PDU)

Fri Mar 16

The Role of the Project Manager in Today’s Brave New (Technology) World - Agile, DevOps and the Cloud (Activity #: PG-03-2018, 2 PDU)

Wed Feb 21

Project Managers as “Soft Skill Stewards”: A Foundation for Enhancing Workplace Culture (Activity #: PG-02-2018, 2 PDU)

Wed Jan 17

Transforming Your Life, Work, and Service in 2018 through the Practice of Servant Leadership (Activity #: PG-01-2018, 2 PDU)

2017 Events

Wed Nov 23

The Agile Conundrum: Why a transition to agile is NOT a license to stop using disciplined processes (Activity #: PG-11-2017, 2 PDU)

Wed Oct 18

Enhancing Project Management by Leveraging Lean Principles (Activity #: PG-10-2017, 2 PDU)

Wed Aug 23

How to Create an Intrinsically Motivated Team: The Key to High Performance Teams (Activity #: PG-08-2017, 2 PDU)

Thus July 20 

It’s More than Just a Lane – The Art of Managing Transportation Projects in the City (Activity #: PG-07-2017, 2 PDU)

Tue June 20 

Combining Agile and Traditional Approaches (Activity #: PG-06-2017, 2 PDU)

Wed May 24 

The Project Management Game: EA Sports Vancouver (Activity #: PG-05-2017, 2 PDU)

Wed Apr 19 

BC Hydro "PMI 2016 PMO of the Year" - Achieving Award Winning Results – The not so secret ingredients to our success!(Activity #: PG-03-2017, 2 PDU)

Wed Mar 22 

Infrastructure, Procurement & Construction Seminar, Legal Issues and Practicalities for Project Managers (Activity #: PG-03-2017, 2 PDU)

Wed Feb 22 

Conflict and Innovation in Large Scale Shared Mobility Projects (Activity #: PG-02-2017, 2 PDU)

Wed Jan 18

Journey Toward Project Excellence: Successful Strategies and Lessons for Building an Engaged and Talented Workforce (Activity #: PG-01-2017, 2 PDU)

2016 Events

Wed Nov 16

Speaking as a Leader - How To Influence and Inspire Every Time You Communicate (Activity #: PG-11-2016, 2 PDU)

Wed Oct 19

Tongue Fu:  Effective Conflict Resolution in Project Management (Activity #: PG-10-2016, 2 PDU)

Wed Sept 20

Cognitive Uncertainty: A Barrier to Better Project Risk Management (Activity #: PG-09-2016, 2 PDU)

Wed Aug 17

Dynamic Change Management Theories, Models & Strategies (Activity #: PG-08-2016, 2 PDU)

Wed July 20

Taming Tigers - Successfully Managing Complex Stakeholder Relationships (Activity #: PG-07-2016, 2 PDU)

Wed Jun 22

An Astronaut's Perspective: Training for a Successful Mission (Activity #: PG-06-2016, 2 PDU)

Wed Apr 20

Structured Decision-Making: A practical guide to tackling nasty decision problems (Activity #: PG-04-2016, 2 PDU)

Wed Mar 16

Write Angles: How to Build Better Business Documents (Activity #: PG-03-2016, 2 PDU)

Wed Feb 17

Performance Management Using Earned Value (Activity #: PG-02-2016, 2 PDU)

Wed Jan 20

Project Everest: Essential Steps for Successful Projects (Activity #: PG-01-2016, 2 PDU)

2015 Events

Wed Nov 18

The Importance of Understanding Public Perception of Risk (Activity #: PG-11-2015, 2 PDU)

Wed Oct 21

Seeing the Invisible: How Invisible Waste Delays Projects, Destroys Value and What You Can Do About It (Activity #: PG-10-2015, 2 PDU)

Wed Sept 16

CSI Vancouver: Project Management in Criminal Investigations (Activity #: PG-09-2015, 2 PDU)

Thu Aug 19

Dealing with Difficult Stakeholders and Turning Destructive Conflict into Constructive Conflict for Project Managers (Activity #: PG-08-2015, 2 PDU)

Wed Jun 17

The Critical Chain approach to Project Management (Activity #: PG-06-2015-01, 2 PDU)

Wed May 20

Resilience on Projects (Activity #: PG-05-2015, 2 PDU)

Wed Apr 15

Herding Cats! Or the Art of Agile Portfolio Management (Activity #: PG-04-2015, 2 PDU)

Wed Mar 18

As simple as possible, but no simpler! Portfolio, Program and Project Management (‘P3M’) (Activity #: PG-03-2015, 2 PDU)

Tue Feb 17

Managing Your Career: What Your Boss Won’t Tell You (Activity #: PG-02-2015, 2 PDU)

Wed Jan 21

New Directions in Project Management: Key Messages from the Portland Research & Education Conference (Activity #: PG-01-2015, 2 PDU)

2014 Events

Wed Nov 19

The Business of Kindness: Power in a Positive Workplace (Activity #: PG-11-2014, 2 PDU)

Wed Oct 15

Unleashing the Power of Regret: Transforming Failure into Opportunity! (Activity #: PG-10-2014, 2 PDU)

Tue Sep 16

Understanding Agile from a PMP’s Perspective! Exploding the myth that Agile is not in the PMBOK (Activity #: PG-09-2014, 2 PDU)

Thu Aug 21

Quality – Underappreciated and Misunderstood (Activity #: PG-08-2014, 2 PDU)

Wed Jul 16

Delivering Value: The Next Generation Project Manager (Activity #: PG-07-2014, 2 PDU)

Wed May 28

Managing Difficult People on Projects (Activity #: PG-05-2014, 2 PDU)

Wed Apr 16

Organizational Change Management: Your key to Project Success (Activity #: PG-4A-2014, 2 PDU)

Wed Mar 19

Are you Really Managing risk? (Activity #: PG-3-2014, 2 PDU)

Tue Feb 25

Beyond the PMP - The latest research on PM practice and what it means (Activity #: PG-2B-2014, 2 PDU)

Wed Feb 19

How to Build Commitment for Project Goals (Activity #: PG-2A-2014, 2PDU)

Wed Jan 15

Frameworks to Support a Mix of Traditional, Agile & Lean Project Approaches (Activity #: PG-01-2014, 2 PDU)