Navigating the Future: Harnessing AI Advancements for Business Transformation

Power Skills

Explore the rapid evolution of artificial intelligence and its transformative impact on business practices. This keynote will delve into the latest AI advancements, demonstrating how they can be strategically applied to enhance operational efficiency, drive innovation, and secure competitive advantages in various industries.

Learning Outcomes

  1. Understanding the Evolution of Work Due to AI:

    • Recognize the historical development of AI and its transformative impact on various industries.
    • Identify key trends in how AI technologies are reshaping job roles, business processes, and market structures.
    • Explore case studies where AI has significantly changed the workflow and outcomes in sectors like healthcare, finance, and manufacturing.
  2. Skills Required for Project Managers in an AI-Enhanced Workplace:

    • Understand the essential skills needed for managing projects effectively in an AI-enhanced environment, including data literacy, agility, and strategic decision-making.
    • Learn how to integrate AI tools into project management practices to improve efficiency, accuracy, and predictive capabilities.
    • Discuss the importance of ethical considerations and bias mitigation in project management when deploying AI solutions.
  3. Future of AI Integration in Business Strategies:

    • Analyze the potential long-term impacts of AI on strategic business decision-making and competitive advantages.
    • Learn about emerging AI technologies and their potential applications in different business scenarios.
    • Discuss how to prepare organizations for scalable AI integration, focusing on innovation, adaptability, and continuous learning.


Meet the Speaker: Nicholas Ning

Nicholas Ning is a serial entrepreneur with a background in mechatronics systems engineering and an MBA from MIT Sloan. Over the past decade, he has built a reputation for bringing unique lateral perspectives to problem solving, having worked in a variety of sectors including finance, ag-tech, software/hardware, fashion, and the culinary arts. Today, he is best known as the founder and CEO of Farpoint, a global AI consulting firm helping enterprises across industries leverage AI to stay ahead, expand imaginations and transform work.
  • 5:00pm Doors Open
  • 5:30pm Dinner & Networking
  • 6:00pm Keynote / Q&A 
  • 7:00pm Knowledge Exchange
  • 7:30pm Networking 
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