The Nomination Committee has put forward

The Following Candidates:

Mehran Jamshidi for President
  • Organize the board to carry out its duties and responsibilities.
  •  Chair meetings of the Board of Directors.
  • Act as a liaison between the chapter and PMI Global.
  • Ensure that all chapter business is being done legally and ethically.
  • With the board, ensure prudent disbursement of chapter funds.
  • Seek volunteers for committees and coordinate individual board member assignments.


Andrzej Nawrocki for VP, Director of Administration/Secretary
  • Responsible for preparing, maintaining, recording, circulating all records, correspondence, minutes of meetings, and related affairs of the chapter.
  • Assure safekeeping of all governing documents (approved bylaws, articles of incorporation, charter agreement, board policies, committee charters, and all other non-financial records for the chapter).
  • Coordinate and distribute meeting agendas, keep the records of all business meetings of the chapter and meetings of the board.
  • Maintain all meeting minutes — must document in accordance with parliamentary procedures as determined by the board.
  • Notice of all annual meetings shall be sent to all members at least 30 - 45 days in advance of the meeting. Action at such meetings shall be limited to those agenda items contained in the notice of the meeting Provide records to members and outside organizations that request information.
Edward Hung for VP, Membership
  • Responsible for organizing and delivering member facing services such as new member orientation, networking events and other industry specific socials.
  • Providing insights into the needs of different member segments.
  • Coaching and motivating a group of volunteers to deliver member facing services.
  • Responsible for ensuring appropriate practices around security and privacy of member information are adopted and followed by volunteers in the membership portfolio.
  • Responsible for gathering feedback from members and circulating it to the board of directors.
Anthony Makhoul for VP, Outreach
  • Proactively seek sponsorship and advertising opportunities for CWCC by building partnerships with organizations interested in project, program and portfolio management or who offer professional project management services.
  • Develop, plan, execute, monitor and control CWCC’s sponsorship and advertising programs and policies.
  • Monitor, report, and make recommendations to the Board to maximize sponsorship and advertising revenue.
  • Work independently or collaboratively with other CWCC Portfolios to deliver sponsorship and advertising features and ensure timely billing and payments.
  • Create and manage sponsor, advertiser, and vendor contracts.
  • Recruit, train and manage a team of Outreach Directors each responsible to solicit sponsorships within an assigned industry.
Vice President, Education : This position is contested. The nomination committee has put forward the following two candidates:

·        Gina YJ Lee for VP, Education

·        Ayesaan M. Jude Rebello for VP, Education


  • Manage all aspects of the delivery of PMI educational courses offered by the chapter.
  • Mentor and coach a team of volunteers for supporting the education portfolio.
  • Keep up to date on the latest PMI course offerings as well as new tools provided by PMI global to its registered education providers.
  • Develop a strategy and roadmap for the educational courses offered by the chapter.
  • Responsible for evaluating and screening course instructors and training material.
  • Responsible for maintaining relationships with industry experts and PMI instructors for delivering high quality educational offerings.
  • Gather and evaluate student feedback to continuously improve the quality of the chapter’s education courses.
Jasmine Maini for Vice President, Programs
  • Responsible for coming up with a strategy and roadmap for the dinner programs offered by the chapter.
  • Coach and mentor a team of volunteers responsible for successful delivery of the dinner events and other programs offered by the chapter.
  • Responsible for finalizing location, catering and registration for the chapter’s dinner events and programs.
  • Evaluate and select appropriate speakers and presenters for the chapter’s dinner events and programs.
  • Collaborating with other portfolios of the chapter to deliver member facing events and programs.
Carmen D. Brooks for VP, Professional Development
  • Responsible for Professional development and chapter events in accordance with Chapter policies and bylaws.
  • Responsible for establishing and managing Chapter Professional development programs, live and online.
  • Responsible for managing the Chapter Annual Conference.
  • Define strategies for improvement in Professional development/training programs.
  • Provide information to members and non-members on career development.
  • Promote the project management profession through the planning and coordination of special events, as identified by the chapter board, designed to enhance and expand the skills and knowledge of project managers.
Peyman Abedi-Rad for VP, Finance
  • Responsible for maintaining and presenting all financial records required for chapter’s operations, in accordance with chapter’s bylaws.
  • Maintain and manage accounts receivable and payable and all financial portfolios, including but not limited to the collection of chapter dues from PMI, guest payments for chapter meetings or special events and the payment of all chapter bills in accordance with chapter committee directives.
  • Establish and maintain all required chapter bank accounts and/or similar financial transactions; arrange for Board Directors’ signatures as required.
  • Report on the state of finances at board meetings and chapter meetings.
  • Maintain the chapter’s annual budget.
  • Contribute to financial planning/goal setting, investing, forecasting and budgeting for the chapter.

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Running for President

Mehran Jamshidi

Personal Statement

As a Project Management Professional, educator, and leader with 20+ years of experience, I am passionately applying to the PMI CWCC’s President role.

I started volunteering with CWCC from November 1, 2014, and thus far have shown my loyalty to the chapter by continuously serving the community through several different capacities as follows:

  • Course Coordinator
  • Director - PMP Programs
  • Project Manager – Chapter Management Solution
  • Instructor
  • Board Member and VP of Education

I started volunteering with CWCC when I was a newcomer to Canada and, of course, was looking for a job to get settled in my new home. PMI helped me secure my job and find the right direction in the professional project community. I continued my relationship with CWCC after finding a career at TELUS as a Project Manager and as an Instructor at BCIT this time to give back to the community.


Mehran is an experienced professional and educator with 20+ years’ experience in academia and professional development training, and project, environments.

Presently, Mehran is a Department Head (Department of Project Management), and a Faculty at Vancouver Community College (VCC) running their Project Management department. He also teaches at the British Columbia Institute of Technology (BCIT) along with leading his project management consulting firm, Efficert Academy. He is a past Senior Project Manager at TELUS, working with the Coaching and Learning Solutions team on several critical initiatives.

Since November 2014, Mehran has been an active volunteer with the PMI CWCC. He started as a Course Coordinator, then moved up to the Director of PMP Programs while he simultaneously started teaching PMP prep courses for the chapter and managed the Chapter Management Solutions project. For the past four years, Mehran has been a Board Member and the VP of Education running several PMP and PMI-ACP preparation courses on behalf of the PMI CWCC.

In addition to working with VCC, BCIT, EffiCert Academy, and PMI CWC, Mehran also is an adjunct faculty with the New York Institute of Technology (NYIT), where he teaches MIS to MBA students. He has been very active in the project management world by speaking at conferences as a project management public speaker.


LinkedIn Profile:

Running for Vice President, Director of Administration/Secretary

Andrzej Nawrocki

Personal Statement

I would like to apply for the Vice-President, Director of Administration/Secretary position with the PMI Canadian West Coast Chapter (CWCC).

I joined PMI in 2008 and at the same year I started to volunteer for PMI CWCC.

I have held various positions as a Board Member with non-profit organizations for many years. For several years, I volunteered for the Chartered Engineers Pacific (CEP), formerly Western Group of Chartered Engineers, where I served as a Newsletter Editor, Treasurer, Chairman and Vice-chairman. In 2010 I held a position of the VP of Professional Development for PMI CWCC and in 2019 I held a position of the Finance Manager for PD portfolio working with a team of volunteers on 2019 PM West Conference.

Working as a Board Member at various positions gave me an opportunity to gain an invaluable knowledge and understanding of different aspects of board functions, duties and responsibilities and enhanced my appreciation for work of volunteers.



Andrzej Nawrocki is a Chartered Engineer and a certified Project Management Professional. Andrzej is electronics engineer by profession with more than 35 years’ experience. He worked in various Research and Development departments for various companies in Poland, England and Canada.

During his carrier Andrzej had hold several engineering and technical leadership positions.

For the last 15 years he worked on projects which run concurrently at multiple sites across the globe (North America, Asia and Europe) within a global matrix organization. These projects varied in scope, complexity, budget and duration. As a manager and project leader Andrzej provided technical leadership, effectively managed variety of projects and supervised various teams of professionals.

For several years, Andrzej also volunteered for the Chartered Engineers Pacific (formerly Western Group of Chartered Engineers) serving on the Committee as a Newsletter Editor, Treasurer, Chairman and Vice-chairman. As a Chairman Andrzej was responsible for planning and conducting board meetings effectively, getting all directors involved in the board's work, ensuring the board focuses on its key tasks and engaging the board in assessing and improving the board performance.

Andrzej joined the PMI in 2008. In the same year he started his volunteer work for the Canadian West Coast Chapter of PMI, initially as a project manager for the Professional Development portfolio and later joining Board of Directors as the VP of Professional Development portfolio. Recently, Andrzej has retired, but he still wants to remain active in the field of project management by volunteering for the Canadian West Coast Chapter of PMI.

Running for Vice President, Membership

Edward Hung

Personal Statement

I am very interested in the opportunity to serve as Vice President of Membership on the Board of the Canadian West Coast Chapter (CWCC), Project Management Institute (PMI). I have been a member of PMI since June 20, 1997. My personal and professional growth and development has been nurtured and guided by this amazing organization and I feel that now is the time for me to give back to the next generation of our project management community.


With your support, I will continue to provide value to Chapter members through the implementation of CWCC’s strategic plan with a priority on Board of Directors’ initiatives. This includes retaining and expanding the CWCC membership, as well as collaborating with other portfolio volunteers and stakeholders. I will also continue to advance and advocate for the profession of project management.



Edward is currently PMI Canadian West Coast Chapter's (CWCC) Director of Membership Services where he is the lead advocate for 2,800 members. His primary responsibility is to provide value to the Chapter's members through the implementation of CWCC’s strategic plan with a priority on Board of Directors’ initiatives. This includes retaining and expanding the CWCC membership, as well as collaborating with other portfolio volunteers and stakeholders to benefit its members. The role will also continue to enhance and advocate for the profession of project management.


Edward is an Information Technology Manager at the City of Richmond. He has spent over 20 years advancing his practical knowledge of projects and change management across the City’s operations. He has directly managed large scale transformations and enterprise high-value projects with a solid track record of setting and delivering strategy. Edward is also an active PMI volunteer. He has served several global PMI committees including the Standards Plus Alpha Test Group and PMIEF Professional Development Scholarship Evaluation Committee. He is currently serving as a PMBOK Guide-7th Edition Development & Review Team Member.


Edward is a graduate of the British Columbia Institute of Technology in Engineering Technology and holds undergraduate and graduate degrees in business management. He resides in British Columbia, Canada with his wife, Julia and son, Joshua. He enjoys reading, martial arts and traveling.

Running for Vice President, Outreach

Anthony Makhoul

Personal Statement


 In 2019, I was fortunate enough to serve as Director of Mentorship for PMI CWCC, expand significantly on the program’s existing structure, and create meaningful value in the careers and lives of our protégés and mentors.

To learn more about what we did in 2019, check out our work on our LinkedIn page: Mentorship @ PMI Canadian West Coast


In 2020, I would like to create more and more value to our chapter members by taking on bigger and bolder initiatives. I bring a unique skill set to the table: a solid background in engineering and project management best practices coupled with extensive experience in Sales, Deal Negotiations, and Business Development.

Given the opportunity, I would dedicate my time, energy, and skill set to the development and empowerment of our profession, our community, and our chapter members.




Anthony Makhoul is a disciplined athlete, structural engineer, and outperforming project management and business development professional; tri-lingual: English, French, and Arabic; and has lived, worked, and studied across North America, Western Europe, and the Middle East. He holds a bachelor's and master's degree in civil engineering from ULFG II, Lebanon; a master's degree in civil engineering from INSA Lyon, France; and an EIT certification from Engineers & Geo-scientists British Columbia, Canada.


He is also a certified:

☑ _PMP: Proj. Mgmt. Professional,

☑ _PMI-SP: Scheduling Professional,

☑ _PMI-RMP: Risk Mgmt. Professional.


His projects include:

► Construction of Substitute Buildings at Al-Quadimah Naval Base (CAD 74 Million).

► Construction of SAUT School for Children with Down Syndrome (CAD 37 Million).

► Construction of Berths at King Faisal Naval Base (CAD 308 Million).

► Construction of Bugshan Private Residence (CAD 2.7 Million).

► Repair of Berth 28 at Jeddah Islamic Port (CAD 3.4 Million).


Anthony has won multiple awards for his professional performance, including two-time Highest Performing Engineer in two consecutive years with Associated Consulting Engineers and Highest Performing Sales Representative with Hilti, winning the prestigious President’s Club Award.


His specialties include:
  • Civil engineering, structural engineering, proj. mgmt., risk mgmt., schedule mgmt., change mgmt.
  • Sales, deals negotiations, account mgmt., business development, E-commerce, digital marketing.
  • Consulting, process improvement, team leadership, coaching, teaching, training, community service.

On a personal note, his current interests include health, wellness, mindfulness, as well as fitness, community service, and the vibrant indoors of beautiful British Columbia!

Running for Vice President, Education

Gina YJ Lee

Personal Statement

All of our PMI CWCC’s team of Board members that have marked the timeline of history – committed to unify and serve our chapter in incredible ways – and in result, respectfully upheld our core values, mission, and vision. Personally, I trust that this upcoming term’s team will also be wonderful – and will move forward with the legacy that has been built. Should I be provided the opportunity to contribute between 2020-2022 – I will continue to procure, provide, and create resources within and for the Education Portfolio – and upkeep our drive to be the go-to source for project management in Mainland, BC. I have had the privilege of working with our PMI CWCC Education Portfolio for 4 consecutive years. As inspired as I have been by our collaborative Board leadership, 5+ coordinators, 10+ instructors, 25+ students on average per course, and our many point-of-contacts who have been providing the education portfolio with venues, catering, and educational resources that enhance our certification programs – I look forward to be a part of the years to come, as we continue to support our community. I trust that our New Board of PMI CWCC will equip and shape our future, with the utmost success.


Gina YJ Lee was born into a humble family that for many generations, had built all that they had, from ground up. Lucky, some would say, was she – to have appeared on her family tree at a time when the rewards of her elders’ grit, discipline, and work were in quite the fruition – and fortunate, indeed, was she to have had that opportunity to enjoy luxury, if you will. Though, majority of us are quite aware, however – that life, has its phases – and with those phases, come certain types of curvatures. At the end the day, Gina YJ Lee is appreciative of the certain deck of cards that life has dealt her – as this life, instilled in her a particular blend of experiences that has had her understanding an interesting balance of what abundance and loss – truly are. As a courtesy to her journeys, she lives a life provided with opportunities that did, and still does, shape and carve her character, into a rare, unique, and perhaps valuable combination – on both personal and professional grounds.


Gina YJ Lee was ambitious and focused throughout her educational years – as a mean to become independent, so that she could one day provide to others, caringly and abundantly. Till this day, she believes that she persists such demeanour and traits throughout her ever-growing professional career. Graduated with high regards in her Commerce/Finance Degree from the University of British Columbia – Gina YJ Lee has grasped and hit the ground running in various industries for 10+ years – and she continues to invest her time working throughout prestigious local and international corporate organizations. From balancing her leadership in both for-profit and non-profit – Gina YJ Lee continues to implement – and execute – her passion for structural, methodical, yet reasonably flexible approaches – as she works with sound resilience to support her team members and manage the direction of her projects. As iron sharpens iron, Gina YJ Lee looks forward to the mix of experiences and challenges that inevitably are to line up before her – and throughout the process, she hopes to somehow continue to inspire, help, and make another’s life brighter.

Running for Vice President, Education

Ayesaan M Jude Rebello

Personal Statement

Over the past 5 years, the PMI CWCC has provided me with a nurturing environment to learn from great thought leaders, make enduring connections, grow my project management skills and enjoy myself while doing all that. In recent years, I started to more actively participate by attending more dinner events and annual conferences as well as giving back by participating in the mentorship program. I believe strongly in volunteerism and have contributed to other organizations in the healthcare (BCHIMPS) and business (GVBOT) communities. I would like to take the next step and join the PMI CWCC board to support PMI and the project management community by providing my skills and expertise while growing with others. Based on my experience and interactions with current and past CWCC board of directors I know it is a high functioning team and would like to offer my support in any capacity the group requires.



Ayesaan Jude Rebello is a senior project manager and program manager on the performance improvement team at ettain health in healthcare IT since 2011. Over the past 19 years he has worked in project management, management consulting, hospital and health systems IT consulting as well as clinical and research laboratory operations management.

He has an MBA in Technology Management and a BSc in Biochemistry from McGill. He also holds a Project Management Professional (PMP) certification since 2013 with expertise in strategic planning, business development, project management, business analysis, stakeholder engagement, and change management. He has worked on collocated and virtual teams in British Columbia, Alberta, the United States and Australia while residing in Vancouver.

Ayesaan actively participates in his community industry organizations including the PMI Canadian West Coast Chapter (CWCC) by regularly attending events and volunteering in the mentorship program. At the Greater Vancouver Board of Trade (GVBOT), he was part of the company of young professionals and participated in their peer leadership forum over 8 years. He served on the Board of Directors at the BC Health Informatics Management Professionals Society (BCHIMPS) covering the finance, marketing and governance portfolios for 3 years. He is currently on the BCHIMPS partnership and HIMSS chapter transition committee.

Rerunning for Vice President, Programs

Jasmine Maini

Personal Statement

I would be honored to re-run for the role of VP, Programs. I have had the pleasure to serve the Chapter in the Programs Portfolio since 2016, acting as the voice and face of PMI CWCC whilst creating an ecosystem where world class speakers, members, and the chapter execs engage and share their future dreams, present challenges, and successes from the past. With the start of a new decade, I believe the kind of programming our chapter offers must be revitalized by launching unique offerings, cross-chapter collaboration opportunities across our North America counterparts, and synergies with other supporting organizations to list a few initiatives.
I couldn’t be more thrilled to support our Chapter’s entry into this new age and be surrounded by think-and-do kind of individuals and committed board members, where we together create an incredible legacy for PMI CWCC.


Jasmine trained as a specialized engineer and started her career in aircraft manufacturing right out of university. Quickly realizing that the feat of engineering had already taken place - a heavier than air vessel had been cruising the skies effortlessly for years she yearned for a different path. After spending 4 years in Aviation, she ventured into management consulting which allowed her to work in diverse industries, engage with various clients and kept perennially challenging her limits. Today, she works as an internal consultant with Telus and as a global citizen attempts to do her share to initiate progress by volunteering with a few organizations that are close to her heart. With over 12 years of experience in both corporate and start-up environments, her work has spanned multiple geographies and functions while working alongside cross-functional teams.
Being an Indian, having grown up in the Middle East and spent substantial time in Canada, Jasmine believes she truly understands multiculturalism and am a part of a globalized world. The infusion of cultures in her life has enabled her to quickly adapt to any surroundings and prepared her to deal with a variety of personalities and facilitate the development of diverse business partnerships. Her global experience helped her realize that there is no other country in the world except Canada that offers such an eclectic mix of diverse cultures and economic growth opportunities whilst reminding us of our humanitarian responsibilities.
Jasmine is an avid runner, enjoys yoga and finds joy in learning from various traditions by wayfaring across the world with over 35 countries under her belt and counting.
She joined PMI’s CWCC in early 2016 and shortly after joining the Chapter she started volunteering for both the Programs and Membership portfolios and has held a Board position and VP role since February 2018.

Running for Vice President, Professional Development

Carmen D Brooks

Personal Statement

Through my employment and prior volunteer experience with the PMI CWCC I have developed a passion for personal and professional development. Given my experience, leadership skills and professional network I believe I can serve the broader project management community through the PMI CWCC Board.



 Carmen Brooks is a project management professional with over 18 years’ experience at one of British Columbia’s largest crown corporations BC Hydro. She currently works as a Project Manager on the Site C Clean Energy Project. Prior to joining the Site C project in November 2015, Carmen worked in the Project and Portfolio Services team in Capital Infrastructure Project Delivery. Carmen supported BC Hydro’s efforts to develop and implement an enterprise wide Project & Portfolio Management (PPM) system as a Reporting subject matter and developed the initial portfolio level Performance Management and Resource Management practices. Carmen has extensive experience in business transformation and change management and has trained over 500 employees on various aspects of the PPM procedures and tools.


Outside of work Carmen is passionate about her family, friends and community. As a single parent Carmen raised her three daughters Ellie, Bryanne and Carina, and now enjoys the joy of being a grandparent to her twin grandsons Jesse and James. She thrives on being active; playing slow pitch softball in the spring and summer and over the last year taking up running. In 2019 Carmen completed her first two 10k events, the Run for Water in Abbotsford and the Fall Classic at UBC.


Carmen is also committed to personal and professional development. While working full time and raising her daughters Carmen continued her education at BCIT, obtained her PMP, and also obtained the Contract and Commercial Management Advanced Practitioner certification from the International Association for Contract and Commercial Management. Her development plan for the future includes obtaining her Master of Arts in Leadership at Royal Roads University.

Rerunning for Vice President, Finance

Peyman Abedi-Rad

Personal Statement

The Finance portfolio in my tenure focused on initiatives that would improve operational efficiency, operational effectiveness, and financial sustainability. For example, we improved accounts payable turnover from 4 weeks to 2 weeks in 2019 and plan for 1 week by February 2020 with our new online banking app. We switched our merchant from PayPal to Moneris which saves us 1% on total annual revenues. We converted a local desktop QuickBooks to the more secure Online QuickBooks. We significantly improved the quality of financial reporting and support provided to portfolios. We also now use credit cards that earn 1% cashback.

With these goals achieved, the Finance portfolio will use 2020 as the year for focusing on strategic initiatives regarding policy and revenue generation. We will work hard to tighten the ship so that we can budget and organize amazing events like 2019’s 40th Anniversary Gala and PM West Conference.



 Peyman has been the VP of Finance for the last two years from 2018 to 2020. He made significant improvements for the chapter such as changes made to operational efficiency, operational effectiveness, and financial sustainability. For example, he improved accounts payable turnover from 4 weeks to 2 weeks in 2019 and plan for 1 week by February 2020 with a new online banking app. He switched our merchant from PayPal to Moneris which saves us 1% on total annual revenues. He converted the local desktop QuickBooks to the more secure Online QuickBooks. He significantly improved the quality of financial reporting and support provided to portfolios. He implemented the use of credit cards that earn 1% cashback.


The Finance portfolio under Peyman’s direction will use 2020 as the year for focusing on strategic initiatives regarding policy and revenue generation. He will work hard to tighten the ship so that the chapter can budget and organize amazing events like 2019’s 40th Anniversary Gala and PM West Conference.


Peyman has a passion for business analysis, system improvement, and budget management. In the last 8 years of employment at Simon Fraser University, he increased accounts receivable collection by over 30% through business process and policy improvements, managed the accounting administration for $60M of research projects, and is now providing budgeting and forecasting for the overall university.


Peyman passed the Chartered Professional Accountant (CPA) Common Final Examination (CFE). While he loves the analysis aspect of accounting, he also has a passion for the equities market. He actively self-manages his portfolio and enjoys discussing his stock picks with others. In his free time, he enjoys playing badminton, rock climbing, mixed martial arts, and travelling. He is a big fan of Japan and visits the famous Tsukiji fish market in Tokyo every few years.