Phillip Djwa is a certified Internet Marketing specialist and strategist with 20 years experience in the high-technology industry, and the founder of Agentic Digital Media. While you are waiting for the next dinner event please take a moment to learn more about this fantastic speaker.


Phillip has worked on a wide range of technology and web-integrated communications projects in senior positions from Fortune 500 (AT&T), high-tech start-ups (Adcritic, POPcast), to not-for-profit organizations (First Nations Education Steering Committee).

Phillip has led strategy, and completed innovative digital media projects, as part of his company Agentic Digital Media. Agentic's specialty is in not-for-profit, social change and government organizations.


Q&A with Phillip Djwa

What have you learned most from working with non-profit organizations?

The value of working with purpose. There should be passion in the work you do.


What fears did you have about starting your own digital media studio and how did the idea come about?

I started with the idea that I could do it better than my boss. Wow, did I have a lot to learn. But I’m glad I was that arrogant as it made me jump into something that I might have had second thoughts if I really knew.


What would you tell your 30-year-old self?

Don’t take things so personally. Learn to understand that you are not your job. When things would go wrong, it felt like the end of the world. I’m glad 20 years later, I have a lot more perspective on what it really means.


How do you define creativity and apply it in your career?

Creativity is the act of looking at something differently. (That and a lot of hard work.) For me, I apply it every day in helping clients to expand their thinking.


What kind of culture exists in your organization? How did you establish this tone and why did you institute this particular type of culture?

My office is overwhelmingly women, and our culture reflects a collaborative and respectful environment. I’m proud of that, as I’ve learned a lot as a man by listening and paying attention to what women are saying.


What one book has inspired you or one that you have recommended most?


Working Identity, Herminia Ibarra.

This book has unconventional strategies for careers. It’s been a great guide in thinking about reinventing my career.


Do you have any particular morning routines?

I love having coffee with my wife and going over the things done and to do. Helps centre myself as well as make sure I’m showing up for the right thing at the right time!


Thank you Phillip for taking the time to answer our questions and allowing us to get to know you better. We are looking forward to your presentation about successfully managing stakeholders.

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