Roger is an award-winning international keynote speaker and President of Engagement Unlimited. With his innovative keynotes and programs, he ignites positive transformational change in teams and individuals.

Roger’s topics range from performance under stress, the power of play, effective communication skills and the age of engage within companies and culture at large.

Roger’s impressive background in teaching and acting (he has been seen in over 175 TV shows, movies and commercials) allow him to utilize a unique session format that ties stories, theory, and application together in a team-based game. This structure primes every participant to learn and creates engagement in the room that everyone experiences and benefits from.  

His experience and knowledge, combined with his natural charisma and highly contagious positive energy, has garnered Roger countless 10/10 audience rankings, extremely high survey results, and hundreds of happy return clients over the past 10 years.


Q&A with Roger Haskett

1. What is the achievement you are the proudest of in your career?

My family. I’m proud that with all the focus I devote to my company and my career, I keep the most important focus on the most important thing to me: my relationship with my spouse and children.

 However, one singular moment stands out to me. It ties my family and career together in a very proud moment. It was a closing night of the musical I have co-written, Franklin Falls. Sometimes the writers are brought on stage to be presented with a bouquet from the cast and creative team on closing night. That closing night I was at home with my infant son and had sent my wife and eldest child in my place. I told Jacob that if I was called to the stage, he and Mommy had to represent me by going on stage. Hearing from my son that night, seeing the excitement in his face and body as he told me about going on stage and accepting the bouquet from the people he had just watched perform, all to thunderous applause from a sold out show… even though I wasn’t there… little gives me the shivers like this story… well, the first time I realized I was a writer was also electric and memorable and still gives me goosebumps… ask me about that story when you see me :)

2. What’s one advice or tip would you tell your 20-year-old self?

  • Imagine bigger,
  • Believe in myself more, and
  • Read my book ‘the me you want to be’: Roger’s Rules for a Bigger, Better, More Powerful YOU”

3. How would you describe what you do in a single sentence to a stranger?

I am an award-winning international keynote speaker and author who ignites positive transformational change in teams, organizations and individuals. I help these teams, organizations and individuals successfully reach for ‘the me/team/organization they want to be’.

4. Do you have any favorite quotes you would like to share?

“Bite off more than you can chew and then chew like crazy” – Peter Brock

“People don’t remember what you said, they don’t remember what you did, they remember how you made them feel” Carl Buehner/Maya Angelou (paraphrased)

“The more fun you have, the more fun they have” – Roger Haskett (yes, I sometimes quote myself…)

5. What one book has inspired you or one that you have recommended most?

The Happiness Advantage by Shawn Achor.  He has a TED talk which is worth checking out to see if you want to read the book:

6. Can you think of any failure that later set you up for success?

I have a full chapter in my book that looks at this phenomenon. It’s titled: “What’s in your best interest is NOT ALWAYS in your best interest”. In it I look at how failure that feels so horrible at the time can, in hindsight, be the one thing that you desperately needed to grow into the next, better, version of you. For me, that was losing acting as my career focus (going from a working actor to a hobby actor). But out of that painful and depressing ‘failure’ sprung the rest of my life… which is how I found speaking... which was a very beneficial ‘find’ for me, and why I will be presenting to PMI Vancouver :)


Thank you, Roger, for taking the time to answer our questions and allowing us to get to know you better! We are looking forward to your presentation and learning more about The Age of Engage.

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