Social Factors

The Culture of Project Management

Projects have gone “global.” We have clients, sponsors, suppliers and team members from many countries, and they all bring their cultural values with them. Some of these values will be counter to the underlying assumptions that are embedded in project management. In addition to the usual work of planning, implementing and communicating, how do we bridge the cultural gaps in project management? Cultural intelligence (CQ) brings a process to working with multicultural stakeholders that can be applied to projects. This presentation will provide an introduction into CQ as another tool in the kit of savvy project managers. With practice, we can lead the way in transforming our projects, and our organizations, into havens of culturally-aware and effective interactions.

A dynamic leader with strong organizational skills, Monica is currently a doctoral candidate at Simon Fraser University, Vancouver. Her research integrates her compelling interest in international business with her passion for diverse cultures. Monica’s dissertation examines the perceptions of potential employees of international firms. Prior to returning to student life, she worked as a consultant with clients of varying size and organizational complexity in multiple industries, ranging from insurance and healthcare, to petrochemicals and telecommunications. Her effective communication skills supported her forte of working with stakeholders to develop consistency in expectations, and build alignment between project tasks and business objectives. The scope of Monica’s endeavours has encompassed the improvement of a firm’s corporate climate during business expansion, as well as developing and delivering project management training for business clients within Asia, Australia and Europe.
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