Social Factors

Effective Negotiation Using the Self-Leadership Model *THIS SESSION IS FULL*

Negotiation is a critical aspect of project management. Whether it is mitigating conflict between project members, persuading major stakeholders to reduce scope creep, convincing them to accept scope changes that have budget implications, or simply getting your team on board for a tight deadline, negotiation is truly everywhere. This 4-step Self-Leadership Model is a proprietary methodology that gets deep into the psychology of any negotiation and shows how you can come out on top. This will be an interactive workshop, where the participants will not only be able to walk out with actionable tools, but also have the opportunity to apply the model to their own negotiation scenarios on the spot.

Sabahat Naureen is a project manager, an engineer and a certified executive coach. While working in the construction sector across BC and Alberta, she has gained invaluable experience in stakeholder management, ranging from business owners and municipalities to contractors and consultants. Through strong communication, leadership, and forward thinking, Sabahat is able to evaluate multiple perspectives, manage risk and facilitate positive collaboration between parties to achieve project goals. She is passionate about improving the professional world around her by not only delivering financially viable projects but also focusing on businesses' biggest assets: the people. As part of her executive coaching repertoire, Sabahat has developed a proprietary 4-step Self-Leadership Model.
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