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*NEW* Optimizing Teams in Raven Song Primary Care: A Nimble Project Approach


In this presentation you will hear about a novel and inclusive approach to the ongoing design, developing, implementing and evaluation of team based care in a community clinic setting. The challenges and opportunities of project managing change in a rich and diverse stakeholder environment, that spans multiple professional disciplines can not be underestimated. It is clear that a traditional project approach is ill-suited to the dynamic and inclusive nature of the change required. However, an ‘agile’ approach does not necessarily fit the specific context of the multi-professional community health settings. The RavenSong approach is unique in that it pragmatically borrows from both traditional and agile approaches in creating a ‘nimble’ and context appropriate approach the project management in a community health setting. It is also notable that the RavenSong approach includes aspects of project management more typically associated with entrepreneurial activity in highly innovative sectors. The RavenSong approach demonstrates a highly unique and context sensitive approach that is responsive and sensitive to the community health care context, as well as being pragmatic and positive in its approach to overcoming challenges and constraints that are typical of multi-stakeholder environments.

Learning Outcomes

  • Understanding the challenges and opportunities of change projects in the community healthcare sector
  • Understanding the challenges and opportunities of an ‘agile-like' approach in a complex and multi-stakeholder context
  • Understanding the possibilities of an ‘agile-like’ approach in the community health sector
  • Awareness of novel and exciting approaches to the management of projects in non-traditional project environments
Susan Lim, BA, is a project manager with the Regional Primary Care Program at Vancouver Coastal Health (VCH). Currently, Susan is supporting VCH primary care clinics as they optimize interdisciplinary teams. These teams provide care to the top 5% most complex patients in Vancouver. Since 2012, Susan has been managing initiatives focused on the integration of primary and community care.
Andy Day, MSc. (Oxon), RSW, is a passionate leader with over 20 years’ experience in the delivery of health care services in the UK and Canada. He is currently an Operations Director with Vancouver Coastal Health overseeing a diverse portfolio of community health services in Vancouver.
Nicole Latham
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