Practical PM Lessons from P3s

The successful implementation of a Public-Private-Partnership requires careful project co-ordination and project management practices.  A P3 project typically requires the project owner to manage a lengthy procurement process to arrive at a successful Project Agreement.  A successful Project Agreement will strive to allocate project risks to the party best able to manage them, as a result risk identification and quantification is a critical part of the project planning.  

This session will draw upon the best practices from the P3 transaction process and explain how to apply them in a general project management setting.  A particular focus is placed on advanced risk quantification and decision support, managing desired project outcomes into a performance based contract, and how to apply lessons from advanced procurement practice into all procurements.

Mark Harrison is a Senior Manager in Deloitte’s Infrastructure Advisory & Project Finance practice with a focus on infrastructure and government services. He has provided financial, strategic and risk analysis on project teams assessing business cases and running procurements for large capital investments in health care, justice, mass transit, transit support, recreation, water/wastewater, roads and highways, and public buildings. Mark is a Chartered Financial Analyst and Project Management Professional with extensive consulting experience in all forms of financial analysis, infrastructure planning, procurement and development.
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