P3s: The Context and the Theory

The use of Public Private Partnerships has been a procurement and implementation model for the last 15 years in BC. Through Partnerships BC, the provincial crown corporation has 52 major infrastructure projects with a combined capital value of almost $18 billion.
Public Private Partnerships are complex project models that push the boundaries of traditional project models by seeking to define the scope upfront and ensure that infrastructure maintenance is set up for the long term. There is also the complication of long term project finance and lender interests.
This session will provide a context for P3's, outlining what they are and what they are not. It will inform the audience on the mechanics of the model and how it relates to traditional project management. The session will also look at the drivers for each party around the transaction table. These include the Public Sector procuring authority, the private sector investor, the construction contractor, and the long term service provider. 
Tara Rogers, PMP
Tara Rogers is an accredited project management professional and has over 20 years of experience in the infrastructure development market. Originally from Zimbabwe, Tara relocated to the UK, working for several investment banks, focusing on senior debt lending to infrastructure projects. In 2003, Tara moved to Vancouver and worked for Partnerships BC as a Project Director leading key procurements on their behalf. Tara then spent 10 years as a Bid Director with John Laing and Balfour Beatty where she led the team on several P3 projects both in Canada and the US.
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