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Project Communications and Stakeholder Risks: Gaps in Both Predictive and Agile Development Approaches

It’s been repeatedly stated that 80+% of project managers’ time and effort is invested on communications (and Stakeholders) Management, however when it comes to proactively dealing with project risks, some project managers under-estimate, if not totally forget, the critical of Communications and Stakeholders Management.This is true for both predictive/Waterfall and agile/iterative development approaches. The former lacks keeping communications alive, while the latter suffers from a robust overall end-to-end action plan. This results in multiple unknowns/issues happening during the course of a project life cycle which in turn leads the project team into chaos. In this session, you will explore the ways project managers can tackle the risks from communications and stakeholder management at the very beginning stages as well as over the course of project life cycle.

Mehran is Principal Owner at EffiCert Academy. He is a Project Management Professional with 20 years' experience in different areas of academia, Information Technology, Business Transformation and Re-engineering, and Intelligent Transportation Systems project environments, now a Board Member of the Canadian West Coast Chapter of PMI as the Vice President of Education and the PMP Prep Course Instructor and Content Developer. Presently and on a full-time basis, he works as a Senior Project Manager in the Coaching and Learning PMO at TELUS Communications and is an instructor of Project Management at BCIT (British Columbia Institute of Technology) and the New York Institute of Technology. Mehran graduated with a Master’s degree in System Management and Productivity (Industrial Engineering) after he had earned a Bachelor’s in Computer Software Engineering. His experience as a Project Manager and Operations Manager as well as having a successful background in teaching and instructing at academic environments during the last 20 years, has made Mehran a leader in Education, IT, Telecommunications and Business areas.
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