Beyond the Triangle: Delivering Value in an Agile World

As project managers evolve their practices – to shorten the sides of the triangle (as agile does) or expand the triangle (to include benefit realization), projects can become a strategic asset for an organization rather than an operational tool. Blaize will develop these concepts using research on hybrid methodologies and benefits realization, showing how a project manager’s influence can extend well beyond go-live.

Dr. Reich is a professor, board director and consultant with expertise in technology-based transformation, project governance, and risk management. She is a member of the academic advisory board for PMI and is a director of two corporate and two national industry boards. Blaize worked for 20 years in Canada and Asia as an IT practitioner and consultant, focusing on information management and strategic IT and business planning. As a professor and board director, she provides leadership on project governance, innovation, and risk management. She has been recognized as a Top 100 Women in Canada (Women’s Executive Network, 2015) and a Fellow (2017) and International Academic Fellow (2016) from the Consulting Management Association.
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