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The Interplay between Project Management and Artificial Intelligence: Getting the Best of Both Worlds

With the surge in automation and widespread disruptions in the workplace due to technological innovations, some project managers are starting to wonder what the future holds. Clearly, there is a need for more meaningful conversations regarding the relationship between Project Management and fields like Artificial intelligence (AI), which lends its algorithms nicely to automation efforts. One branch of AI that has made significant advancement, and could potentially add value to qualifying aspects of project management is Expert Systems. Expert Systems are computer applications that are particularly useful for bridging the knowledge gap between experts and non-experts in any given domain. These systems house the judgements of experts in knowledge bases, which can be used to assist non-experts during decision-making or when solving problems. Drawing inspiration from knowledge engineering techniques used in Expert Systems, we will walk through an example that illustrates how to create a knowledge base that supports desktop migration projects. We will use this example to highlight the opportunities that this relationship (between project management and AI) presents, as well as some of the immediate steps that the project management community can take to ensure that we get the best of both worlds.

Grace Bassey is an accredited project management professional currently working at Dentons Canada LLP where she has facilitated the delivery of multiple initiatives including software rollouts, company rebranding, desktop migrations and a datacenter modernization project in the largest global law firm. Her role involves working with virtual teams based out of Canada, USA, UK, Europe, Australia and APAC to ensure that projects are delivered on time, to the highest quality and within budget. She has five years of project management experience gained from managing strategic IT projects in the public sector and legal industry. Grace holds a PhD in Computer Science from the University of Manchester, United Kingdom (UK) and a Masters in Artificial Intelligence from the University of Edinburgh, UK. Her areas of interest include research and development, process improvement and stakeholder management.
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