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From Uncertainty to Inspiration: Determining Project Scope and Size for Emerging Technologies

With an explosion of new technologies entering a variety of sectors, project managers must begin to adapt their expectations, understand specific requirements and explore different techniques. Emerging technologies such as Artificial Intelligence, Augmented Reality and the Internet of Things present a unique opportunity to innovate, however they introduce different demands in terms of project size and scope.

The difference between AI, AR, IoT as well as other technologies are important to note when adapting to new and unknown projects. AI challenges our perception of machine learning and problem solving while AR confronts interactive experiences. Further, IoT presents opportunities for connectivity and computer integration into the physical world. Each of these technologies should be approached with a different mindset and tackled through research and collaboration. Scope and size should be tactfully addressed, with key project management principles in mind.

In this session, we will be exploring strategies for evaluating project scope and size of emerging technologies including AI, AR and IoT. We will analyze a variety of applications and devices in order to step into the reality of developing new technology using a range of management strategies. Moreover, we will explore how to approach unfamiliar demands and challenges, ultimately turning uncertainty into inspiration.

Chris Hobbs is a seasoned entrepreneur and the President of Two Tall Totems, ranked #1 Canadian App Development Company by B2B Research Firm Clutch, with over 150 clients in 20 different industries. A natural leader, Chris is known for his ability to cultivate teamwork and innovation all while delivering amazing results. This entrepreneurial drive is complemented by a passion for community and collaboration, with four years of experience serving as President of ViDIA, the Vancouver iDevelopers Industry Association. Chris also has a thorough understanding of bleeding edge technology and project management processes, given his background leading innovation-oriented discovery sessions.
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