Project Management Apprenticeship Program (PMAP) is a program developed by two aspiring project managers in 2013/14. PMAP seeks to help fast track elite, PM-focused students to have a career in project management.

Having implemented a very successful 2015/16 pilot program at SFU, the 2016/17 program will be expanding to 8 students at SFU, and piloting at BCIT and UBC, all of which is made possible through a partnership between PMI CWCC and The Wideman Education Foundation (WEF), and the generous support of our PMI mentors.


What does the program provide?

1. Get a Mentor

Wise words and war stories are needed to bridge the gap from theory to practice. Participants will meet twice a month with their mentors throughout the program to learn about the field of project management. Additionally, the mentor will also introduce their mentee to 2 other persons in their network.


2. Get Certified

The Project Management Apprenticeship Program offers students the opportunity to become CAPM certified - a very valuable accreditation that employers often use to distinguish among job applicants. The exam fees (approx $300 value) are reimbursed for students who take the exam during their year in the program.


3. Get Involved

To become part of the PM community, one has to actively give back. The participants in each cohort will work together to plan and execute a project. This project should promote project management profession to students and professionals in an event ideally like the Wideman Competition or the CWCC Annual Conference.


4. Get Noticed

Time to leave campus and get noticed! Participants will be given exclusive access to PMI monthly dinners and professional conferences. These events will be an ideal opportunity for participants to build their network and connect to job opportunities.


2015/2016 Students:

Nikita Solovyev

Nikita SolovyevNick is an international student from Russia and currently in his final year at SFU, pursuing an Honours BBA degree. He finished as a topper of his project management class, which has made clear that he wants a career in management consulting with a major focus on project management and business process analysis. Extensively studying MIS and business analytics, he is looking forward to apply his knowledge and experience to this program and learn more about PMI. Nick is exceptionally organized due to consistent handling of workloads between part-time jobs, active volunteering, and  full-time studies. Fun fact: Nick retains 1st Category classification in chess and manages a sound-recording studio as a part of his hobby.


Lillian Dang

Lillian DangLillian is a third year business student at the Beedie School of Business concentrating in Accounting and Management Information Systems. During her first term working for the Business Administration Student Society (BASS), she caught the project management bug! Lillian found a true interest in laying foundation for a better BASS, by developing internal processes that ensure value for both current and future students.

For the past two years, she has represented Beedie at JDC West (Canada’s largest business case competition) as an athletic and case competitor in the Not-for-Profit Strategy division. Besides case competitions, she has been a mentor for first year students and has served as the Vice President of Events on the BASS board. As she moves forward, Lillian is very keen to get involved with both Vancouver’s non-profit and IT industry. As she embarks on her final years at Beedie, she is looking for a mentor who can provide industry insights and help guide her career path.


Tiana Low

Tiana Low Tiana is in her fourth year at the Beedie School of Business, concentrating in Management Information Systems and Operations Management, while pursuing the Business Technology Management certificate. She has developed her leadership, facilitation, and management skills by being an avid volunteer at SFU. She has held executive positions in: CaseIT as the Director of Entertainment and Hospitality; and in the Canadianized Asian Club as a Treasurer.

In the future, Tiana hopes to work for either a non-profit organization (as she loves organizing fundraisers)or in the technology industry (as she has an interest of bridging the gap between technology and business). During this apprenticeship program, Tiana is hopes to gain valuable project management experience, to create lots of new relationships and to build stronger networks with industry professionals.  Tiana is thrilled to be a part of PMI’s new Project Management Apprenticeship Program and is looking forward to create memorable experiences!


Candy Leong

Candy LeongCandy Leong is a 4th year Management Information Systems (MIS) and Human Resources Management student at SFU Beedie. When she began at SFU, she set herself to a personal goal of giving back to the university community. To that end, she became actively involved in many student organizations - most notably the Management Information Systems Association (MISA). She began her career at MISA as Vice President of Marketing, and as she took on more responsibilities, she eventually led the organization as President. The skills she has attained through her experiences in MISA, along with previous experiences in graphic design, has helped her grow from an average student to someone who continually seeks to raise the bar.

Candy is looking forward to learn from great mentors, further develop her project management skills, and create long lasting relationships with likeminded students. She thrives in challenging situations and believes the Project Management Apprenticeship Program will provide her an excellent opportunity to develop tangible skills and gain insights that cannot be achieved through textbooks alone.



Director, Apprenticeship Programs (mentors), Heather Sanford

Director, Apprenticeship Programs (students) Jag Reddy