PMI Canadian West Coast Chapter Elections


This is to notify members of PMI Canadian West Coast Chapter (CWCC) that the next virtual Annual General Meeting (AGM) will be held on 2021-Wed-Mar-3.

All Members in good standing as of 2021-Wed-Mar-3 are invited to attend.  Details of the online platform and link will be notified to our members - and provided closer to the above date.

During the Annual General Meeting on 2021-Wed-Mar-3, members of the PMI Canadian West Coast Chapter will elect individuals to serve on the Board of Directors at PMI CWCC for a term spanning 2 years - 2021–2023.



  • The following expectations adhere to the new governance model and bylaws that our members in good standing officially voted to approval - at our virtual Extraordinary General Meeting (EGM), on 2020-Nov-30.


Nominating Committee

A Nominating Committee will consider the following eligibility factors for positions of the PMI CWCC Directors of the Board:

  • All PMI CWCC members in good standing for the last 2 consecutive years are eligible to apply to become a Director of the Board of the Canadian West Coast Chapter.
  • Previous experience as a Board member of a non-profit organization is considered an asset.
  • Previous or existing volunteer experience with the Chapter is considered an asset.
  • As a PMI CWCC member and potential Board candidate, all individuals considering a Board position must abide by the Project Management Institute’s Code of Ethics and Professional conduct.
  • All Directors of the Board will be asked to commit to attend approximately 10 board meetings annually, 1 annual planning meeting, 1 annual conference and multiple committee meetings during their term.


Candidates are expected to:

  • Have passion, purpose, positivity to serve on the board as a leader and volunteer for the community
  • Demonstrate an understanding of the Canadian West Coast Chapter’s vision and mission
  • Contribute to the ethical governance of the board and the Chapter
  • Keep up to date on the issues and trends that affect the project management profession and the Canadian West Coast Chapter
  • Contribute to the strategic decision-making process to achieve the Chapter’s goals by actively participating in board meetings. Directors of the Board will be expected to prepare for board meetings by reading agendas, minutes, reports and other documentation required to actively participate in the meetings
  • Collaborate with other Board Directors to develop policies and procedures for governing the Chapter
  • Mentor and guide member volunteers who take on valuable roles under the Chapter
  • Manage the strategic roadmap and performance of the Chapter


Applications are open for 4 Board of Director (BoD) positions.  Each BoD will not be expected to fulfill all of the following criteria points.  However, the Nominating Committee will look for your areas of strengths - while keeping the vision of the team as a whole.

    • Clear and effective communicator, both verbal and written
    • Proactively seek sponsorship and advertising opportunities for CWCC by building partnerships with organizations interested in project, program and portfolio management or who offer professional project management services
    • Develop, plan, execute, monitor and control CWCC’s sponsorship and advertising programs and policies
    • Monitor, report, and make recommendations to the Board to maximize sponsorship and advertising revenue
    • Work independently or collaboratively with other CWCC BoDs to deliver sponsorship and advertising features and ensure timely billing and payments
    • Create and manage sponsor, advertiser, and vendor contracts
    • Recruit, train and manage a team of Outreach Directors each responsible to solicit sponsorships within an assigned industry.
    • Responsible for the professional development Chapter events in accordance with the Chapter policies and bylaws.
    • Responsible for establishing and managing CWCC’s professional development programs – both in-person and online.
    • Responsible for managing the Chapter Annual Conference.
    • Define strategies for improvement in professional development/training programs.
    • Provide information to members and non-members on career development.
    • Promote the project management profession through the planning and coordination of special events, as identified by the Chapter board, designed to enhance and expand the skills and knowledge of project managers.
    • Responsible for coming up with a strategy and roadmap for the dinner programs offered by the Chapter.
    • Coach and mentor a team of volunteers responsible for successful delivery of the dinner events and other programs offered by the Chapter.
    • Responsible for finalizing location, catering and registration for the Chapter’s dinner events and programs.
    • Evaluate and select appropriate speakers and presenters for the Chapter’s dinner events and programs.
    • Collaborate with other BoDs of the Chapter to deliver member facing events and programs.
    • Support our community of volunteers at PMI CWCC.
    • Manage the Volunteer Recruitment Management (VRM) System to support BoDs and their hiring/offboarding processes while easing the capability of maintaining service history.
    • Responsible for hosting future annual Region 1 Conferences.
    • Responsible for managing the Project Management Apprenticeship Program (PMAP), focused on giving back to the community by mentoring post-secondary students passionate about a career in project management.
    • Oversee the infrastructure of technical operations.
    • Track technology in order to achieve business goals, eliminate security risks, increase user satisfaction, and maintain operations and systems for the Chapter.
    • Support BoDs and volunteer committee with their technology requirements and needs.
    • Report on the effectiveness of marketing campaigns using pre-determined Key Performance Indicators (KPIs).
    • Continually review changes to the market, consumer trends and the activities of competitors, adjusting the marketing plan if necessary.
    • Utilise data for marketing campaigns to support the BoD and the Chapter.


A person interested in running for a Board of Director position, should provide the following documents to by Application Deadline:  2021-Sun-Jan-24 (Extended).

    • Resume
    • 300-word Biography
    • 150-word Statement on why you would like to serve on the Board of PMI CWCC
    • Photograph, to be distributed upon nomination
    • Link to your LinkedIn/Twitter/website (optional)

All candidates will receive a response.