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Pushing Past Impossible: Excelling in Impossible Projects


5:00 PM - 5:45 PM: Registration & Networking

5:45 PM - 7:15 PM: Speaker's Presentation

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Event description

Pushing Past Impossible: Excelling in Impossible Projects 

Imagine bringing two opposite cultures, traditions, and worlds together. Imagine a white, middle-aged lawyer and PMP becoming an elder in an ancient African tribe. Imagine a conservative Maasai warrior bonding with a Caucasian “brother” and starting a business together. Imagine pushing past the impossible with the power of respect, honor, curiosity, and compassion.  

Paul will share his real-life experiences with the Maasai tribe of Tanzania. You will learn how their wisdom helped him conquer his workplace and project challenges and rethink “impossible.” You’ll hear how a unique set of circumstances united two unlikely partners in changing the lives of thousands.   

Paul will show you how to use what he discovered with the Maasai to enrich, inspire and empower your own lives and careers.  You’ll leave with new insights and tools to excel as PM leaders, helping others Push Past Impossible!   

Key Takeaways for this keynote:  

       1) The 5 keys to pushing past impossible projects 

       2) Tools for overcoming fear and anxiety 

       3) Practical strategies for making “impossible” possible 



Paul  Pelletier


Paul Pelletier is a corporatelawyer, PMP, the author of two books on workplace bullying and an internationally recognized and sought-after speaker. Paul is a former member of PMI’s global Ethics Member Advisory Group and a respected influencer in project management ethics and workplace respect. He travels the world inspiring audiences to transform their lives and businesses by learning how to Push Past Impossible. 



What is the achievement you are the proudest of in your career? 

Introducing project management to the federal Department of Justice, Canada’s largest legal organization by becoming the only lawyer with a PMP and leading its first PMO.  


What’s one advice or tip you would tell your 30-year-old self? 

Focus on your passion and not what everyone else is telling you to do. Remain curious. The time is always right to do what is right. 


What is one book that has inspired you and that you would recommend?  

Dare to Lead by Brene Brown 


Can you think of any failure that later set you up for success? 

Saying and doing nothing to confront workplace disrespect and abuse. 


Your keynote presentation will focus on pushing past impossible projects. Can you tell us about an experience in a project you thought was impossible and you made it possible?  

Being handed a mission-critical transformation project with no team, no PMs, no project plan or business plan because “you’re great at dealing with challenges.” It was a mess and many laughed that it was impossible, but I grabbed incredible people to work with. We got it done (not on time and not on a budget) but won the highest award for teamwork in the organization. Project failure became a project success. 


You wear many hats from being a PMP, a corporate lawyer, business executive, and author to name a few. How has this shaped the work that you do?  

Each discipline provided me with strategies and methodologies for staying focused, organized, planning well, asking questions, seeking help from others and being courageous. That combination has led to successes and lessons learned from failures. 


Can you share your most recent “ah-ha” moment?   

When I realized that telling my story about Pushing Past Impossible was what I really should be speaking about.  

Dinner Menu
Appetizer: NORTH ARM FARMS BABY BEETS (Citrus coconut emulsion, pickled shimeiji, duck prosciutto, torn croutons)
Main: LOCAL LINE CAUGHT LING COD (Cauliflower and tarragon risotto, grilled green onion, shaved fennel, sauce vierge)
Dessert: STRAWBERRY PISTACHIO NAPOLEON (Caramelized puff, pistachio crème, strawberry compote, brandy snap)


It is no longer possible to register for this event

It is no longer possible to register for this event


Type of activity: Dinner Event

Date: 19 February 2020

Hour: 17:00 to 20:00

Number of PDUs: 2.0


Members: $55.00

Non members: $80.00


Fairmont Pacific Rim, 1038 Canada Place Vancouver, B.C. V6C 0B9

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