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Why are some people great workers, great leaders, great at

executing and others struggle? Why is it that some people treat their bodies AMAZING, go to the gym 5 times per week, eat all the right foods and others can’t get to the gym five times per year. Why is it that some people have amazing, loving, passionate relationships and others just can’t seem to find a way? Why is it that there’s always people that can always find a reason why they CAN do something and others always find a reason why they CAN’T?

Simple... it is our Belief System.

In this keynote, Tom breaks down:

- How belief systems work so Project Managers understand the science behind their mindset

- How belief systems impact Project Managers so they can determine if their mindset (positive or negative) is trickling down to their team

- How Project Managers can engage and empower their team through an empowering belief system

- How Project Managers can change their belief system so they can maximize their team's potential and take massive action that will lead to more focus and getting results faster.

Key Takeaways:

1) My patterns of behavior determine my results

2) My actions are a product of my belief system

3) I have the power to change my belief system from limiting to empowering

Thomas Nestor


Professional Speaker, and the Founder of Leadership Today

Thomas Nestor is a best-selling author, Professional Speaker, and the Founder of Leadership Today, a company specializing in creating learning and development for leaders and organizations. Thomas’s purpose is to teach people how to lead in a world that seems to crave leadership.

Thomas worked alongside Tony Robbins and Robbins Research International delivering keynotes to 300+organizations including Google, Disney, and the NFL. Thomas has authored three books including How Leaders Make Decisions, Life 180, and The Leadership Revolution.

As a critically acclaimed keynote speaker, and best-selling author he doesn’t tell people what to do, but guides them in the direction of where they need to go.

Thomas’ favorite Leadership quote is “you cannot talk yourself out of something you behaved yourself into.”

When he is not working, he roots for the Chicago Bears, eats at Brazilian Steakhouses all over the world, and is a devoted moviegoer. Thomas resides in Tinley Park, Illinois with his wife Chelsea, two daughters Isabel & Jocelyn, son Tommy Jr., and their active Doberman, Duke.

Dinner Menu
- Romaine Salad (Tomato, Cucumber, Red Onion, Olives, Feta Cheese, Lemon-Garlic Vinaigrette).
- Braised Beef Short Ribs Garganelli- NF (Sauteed Mushroom, Baby Heirloom, Tomato, Parmigiano Reggiano, Crispy Focaccia)

- Fresh Berry Cheesecake - GF, NF (Fleur de Sel Streusel, Micro Greens).


NOTE: There is no registration of individual sessions this year.

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Type of activity: Dinner Event

Date: 20 November 2019

Hour: 17:00 to 20:00

Nb of PDUs: 2.0


Members: $45.00

Non members: $65.00


Four Seasons Hotel Vancouver , 791 W Georgia St, Vancouver, BC V6C 2T4