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How employers can help employees achieve work-life fulfillment

Brantlee Underhill is managing director, North America at the Project Management Institute. Views are the author's own.

As the pandemic has made clear, the concept of work-life balance has been redefined.

The old definition — if it ever was genuinely accurate — was that "work" took place from 9 to 5, and "life" happened outside those hours, as if there were dividers between our working and non-working hours where we could or would only experience one facet of life at a time. Or maybe this supposed duality was the expectation pre-pandemic, and what I believe has contributed to the lack of being fulfilled in the wholeness of life. Yes, we have choices, and it's great that we can choose this or that. Overall, if we aren't clear on our purpose or why we are doing what we are doing, our chances of living with fulfillment will be limited.

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